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Wheels For ATVs, Forklifts, OTR & Heavy Equipment

  • Designed to the demanding specifications of our customers
  • Powder coat paint is standard, not an option
  • Offsets and hole patterns manufactured to the specifications of our customers
  • OEM for John Deere, Princeton Delivery Systems, TCM Forklift Manufacturing Co, Volvo and Woods Equipment Company

Super Grip Item No. Wheel Size
12-7C110-MA or PA ATV Teardrop Wheels in a variety of popular sizes. Call for more information.
32041 HUB Machined Cast Iron Press on Hubs in a variety of sizes. Call for more information
2092 POW Machined Cast Iron Press on Wheels in a variety of sizes. Call for more information.
JWHUB Wheel Hubs for Laminated Tires
L2.5X6 WHL 2.5x6 (13 gal) Wheel
W1513 15x13 Drop Center Wheels
W375X8 3.75x8 3.8T Standard Wheels
W4009 4.0x9 4.5T 2PC Wheel Sets
W5010 5.0x10 4.5T 2PC Wheel Sets
W825165 8.25x16.5 Drop Center Wheels
W975165 9.75x16.5 Drop Center Wheels
W924 900x24 Drop Center Wheels
JW12X5.5 12x5.50 2PC Wheels Sets
JW14x6 14x6.0 2 PC Wheels Sets
JW14.5X6 14x6.5 2 PC Wheels Sets
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