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OTR & Earth Mover Tires

  • For industrial, agricultural, and commercial applications
  • Quality, Durability, and Deep Tread Design for Traction
  • Heavy ply construction
  • Flat Preventive Liner available
  Tread Patterns
Super Grip Item No. OTR Tire Size Ply Rating Rib R4
13002412-G2 1300x24 Tubeless 12 Y  
13002416-L3 1300x24 Tubeless 16   Y
13002424-L3 1300x24 Tubeless 24   Y
14002412-G2 1400x24 Tubeless 12 Y  
14002416-L3 1400x24 Tubeless 16   Y
15525-L3 15.5x25 Tubeless 12   Y
16702014-L3 16/70-20 Tubeless 14   Y
16702412-L3 16/70-24 Tubeless 12   Y
16702414-L3 16/70-24 Tubeless 14   Y
1752512-L3 17.5x25 Tubeless 12   Y
1752516-L3 17.5x25 Tubeless 16   Y
2052516-L3 20.5x25 Tubeless 16   Y
2052520-L3 20.5x25 Tubeless 20   Y
2352516-L3 23.5x25 Tubeless 16   Y
2352520-L3 23.5x25 Tubeless 20   Y
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