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ATV Tires

  • Designed for both commercial and recreational use
  • Quality and Durability set our tires apart from the compeition
  • Innovative ultra traction tread in a variety of popular designs
  • Flat preventative liner available for Hazards up to 1/4" in Diamater

  Pneumatic Premium Ply Tread Pattern
Super Grip Item No. ATV Tire Size Rating Stinger Diamondback Superlite
201108-ST-ATV 20x11-8 6 y  
201109-ST-ATV 20x11-9 6 y  
201110-ST-ATV 20x11-10 6 y  
210710-ST-ATV 21x7-10 6 y  
22.51008-DB-ATV 22.5x10-8 6   y  
220710-ST-ATV 22x7-10 6 y  
220810-SL-ATV 22x8-10 6   y
221108-SL-ATV 22x11-8 6   y
221109-SL-ATV or 22109-ST-ATV 22x11-9 6 y   y
221110-SL-ATV 22x11-10 6   y
230710-ST-ATV 23x7-10 6 y  
230810-SL-ATV 23x8-10 6   y
230811-SL-ATV 23x8-11 6   y
2310.512-DB-ATV 23x10.5-12 6   y  
231010-SL-ATV 23x10-10 6   y
240811-SL-ATV 24x8-116 6   y  
240911-SL-ATV 24x9-11 6   y
241011-SL-ATV 24x10-11 6   y
241110-SL-ATV 24x11-10 6   y
250811-SL-ATV 25x8-11 6   y
250812-SL-ATV 25x8-12 6   y
251011-SL-ATV 25x10-11 6   y
251012-SL-ATV 25x10-12 6   y
251110-SL-ATV 25x11-10 6   y
251209-SL-ATV 25x12-9 6   y
251309-DB-ATV 25x13-9 6   y  
261012-SL-ATV 26x10-12 6   y
261212-SL-ATV 26x12-12 6   y
271012-SL-ATV 27x10-12 6   y
271210-SL-ATV 27x12-10 6   y
271212-SL-ATV 27x12-12 6   y
281012-SL-ATV 28x10-12 6   y
281212-SL-ATV 28x12-12 6   y
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